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Some nice things people have said about my work.


Just read your article on Wallingford. You captured our hearts, gave a voice to our vision and represented us with empathy and integrity – so, so grateful!
— Jeanette Woerner, Wallingford Homestead
“Jo, thanks so much for this, I really think you have nailed the brief and I can’t wait to see how this looks on the website. As I’m reading I’m like: ‘I’ll buy one of everything!’”
— Jodi Baxter, Director – InHouse Marketing (Re: Douglas Outdoor Textile & Innovation website)
“This is just a quick note to say thanks for the write up on the (Unified) website about The Realness. We have had so many write ups and no one has been able to really capture what it is, but in a few short paragraphs you did it perfectly!”
— Damaris Coulter, The Realness
“Jo Percival is not only a wonderful wordsmith, she is a true professional. She did a great job on my website and provided superb and timely editing on my articles. She is not only a lovely person and a joy to work with, but she is fully committed to providing comms of the highest standard for her clients. Editing, copywriting and website work are only a few of her strengths. I would not hesitate to use her again and thus highly recommend her services to any businesses looking to elevate their comms to another level.”
— Sam Harrop MW
“Jo was on the editorial team of AA Directions for more than four years, so I know she is a good, accurate and compelling writer and easy to work with. When we need a freelancer, she is an obvious choice. She’s always willing to get stuck in and is thoroughly reliable. I also really appreciate Jo’s ideas. When we need something specific she’ll come up with original, interesting and appropriate leads off her own bat. And then delivers – always.”
— Kathryn Webster, Editor, AA Directions Magazine
“I have just finished reading ‘Boy’s Own Adventure’ by Jo Percival and have to tell you how much I enjoyed sharing the trip with Gus. It was a delight to share the journey and experiences through his eyes, children always see things differently and with unparalleled enthusiasm. It was totally delightful. Please pass on my thanks to Jo and especially Gus for sharing his adventure.”
— Mary Stanley-Shepherd, AA Directions reader
“Jo has done a great job, capturing the ‘colour’ and essence behind the commentary really well.”
— Daryl Greentree, Sales and Marketing Manager, Simply Squeezed
“I am Head of English at Lindisfarne College in Hastings. I also co-ordinate a small team of teachers who compile practice English examination papers for New Zealand secondary students to use. My team and I are seeking copyright permission to use a feature article from the Winter 2012 edition of AA Directions in one of our 2013 papers. The feature is by Jo Percival, called ‘Jo versus the Volcano.’ I think it is an excellent piece and we would like to use it as an example of very effective writing.”
— Rod Dowling, MA Dip Ed, Lindisfarne College